Cannot publish InfoPath forms or cutomized list forms in SharePoint lists (2010)

Christmas Holidays are over, and what could be more fun than coming back from holidays to error messages through SharePoint.

It seemed when a user tried to edit an infopath form of their site collection they were unable to republish the form getting the following error message:

Error Message

“The publish operation could not be completed. It cannot be determined if the form template was successfully published. Try publishing the form template again, or change the list settings to use the default SharePoint form”

It didn’t matter how little was changed in the form or whether it was a form libray or trying to customize the form of a regular SharePoint List:

Customize Form

viewing the details of the error message:

“InfoPath cannot connect to the server. The server may be offline, your computer might not be connected to the network, or InfoPath Forms Services 2010 might not be enabled on the server. To fix this problem, start by checking your network connection, and then trying again.”

From this we can narrow down the issue to be with InfoPath Forms Services since we are able to connect to the Site collection fine.

Since this was not an issue with other site collections we can narrow it down further that it is only with the InfoPath Site Features (IPFSSiteFeatures). This is a hidden feature in all site collections and can only be viewed through PowerShell. I found by simply disabling an re-enabling this feature fixed the problem.

PS C:\> Disable-SPFeature "IPFSSiteFeatures" -url "http://Server/Sites/SiteCollection"
PS C:\> Enable-SPFeature "IPFSSiteFeatures" -url "http://Server/Sites/SiteCollection"

Hope this helps

Error when trying to access SharePoint Managed Accounts “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

When trying to access the Managed Accounts section in Cental Admin you may recieve the following vague error message:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object

After doing some digging I found that you can get this error message when one of your Managed Accounts is not in sync with Active Directory, as in the passwords no longer match and most likely the account is locked. You’ll need to work with your access control team in order to get the password reset of the necessary account and have the account unlocked, however you still won’t be able to view the Managed Accounts screen.

In order to get back to the Managed accounts screen you’ll need to disable the automatic password change of the problem account. If you’re not sure what the problem account is then its best to check with each one.

First find out which accounts are set to automatic password change by running the following PowerShell command:

PS C:\> Get-SPManagedAccount | Select-Object UserName, AutomaticChange
Username                                             AutomaticChange
--------                                             ---------------
domain\svc_account                                             False
domain\svc_search                                               True

Next you will need change the Automatic Change status of the problem account(s) by running the following PowerShell command.

PS C:\> $account = Get-SPManagedAccount -identity domain\svc_search
PS C:\> $account.AutomaticChange = $False
PS C:\> $account.Update()
PS C:\> Get-SPManagedAccount | Select-Object UserName, AutomaticChange
Username                                             AutomaticChange
--------                                             ---------------
domain\svc_account                                             False
domain\svc_search                                              False

Once you’ve done this you should be good to go access the Managed Accounts from Central Admin, and re-configure to your needs.