User Information not Changing in Site Collection After Being Updated in Active Directory

Hey Guys,

This is more a follow up most to my previous post on User can’t access SharePoint site after granting appropriate permissions, however I’ve seemed to find a better solution.

Recently a user had their name changed in Active Directory, but the problem was this name change was not reflected in their site collection. The thing that made this weird was that it was only in this one site collection that there was a problem. I’ve checked the User Profile in Central Admin and all looks good. I’ve tried adding the user to another site and all looks good. But for some reason this one site collection was not properly updating the username.

Now when you add a user to a site collection your creating an instance of that user in the hidden user information list: http://Server/sites/YourSiteCollection/_catalogs/users/details.aspx.

This list is what dictates what information a user would have presented about themselves in a Site. As long as a user remains active on a site i.e. updating/modifying files, this hidden user list would get synched with user profiles in Central Admin. Now in my case for some reasone this list was not getting updated by the user synch. Unfortunately I have not yet found a solution to why it was not getting updated but I have found a work around to fix the individual user who had their information changed.

The fix is to have them deleted completely from the site collection. My previous post was a bit of a pain to do but really all you would need to do is view all people of the site using this view:

From there you can select the user and go to Actions >  Delete Users from Site Collection. After you should be able to re-add the user and it will pull their information properly from Active Directory.

Hope this helps

2 thoughts on “User Information not Changing in Site Collection After Being Updated in Active Directory

  1. Have you tried using the following command:

    stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin domain\olduser -newlogin domain\newuser –ignoresidhistory

    It would appears that for any name change, spelling corrections, the SharePoint database will fingerprint the profile with whatever their username when the SharePoint profile is created. After changing it in AD, the display names, email addresses etc… will all look correct but underneath the hood in SharePoint’s database the original wrong Username is still in effect.

    • Thank you Godwin for the suggestion but unfortunately this wasn’t the case for our situation as the profile was working properly in other site collections i.e. use proper username, display name, etc… It seemed that just one particular site collection was not syncing up with the updated user profile from the service application. Its definitely worth noting should a similar problem arise.

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